SME Courses

SME Courses SME courses have been tailored to suit entrepreneurs and business owners on how to grow and successfully manage a business. The SME courses are multi-disciplinarian series of courses that are impactful and are pragmatic with an overall view of ensuring that capacity is built for the SMEs.

In-House Courses

In-House Courses In-house courses are specially requested by organizations. They are designed as be-spoke courses for a specific group or employees of a company or government who have a specific need or requirement that is unique to them. Our in-house courses are customized according to the training needs of clients. They are cost-effective and flexible.

Specialized Courses

Specialized Courses Specialized courses are designed specifically on new and evolving concepts. They respond to the needs of professionals who desire quick, intense and interactive training sessions on trending issues interested in intensive, short-term trainings. The courses focus on highly skilled areas and it creates the platform for practical exchange of views.