Month: September 2021

Boardroom Toolkit

Boardroom Toolkit This is a dynamic collection of agreements and letters suitable and adaptable for everyday business use. It is aimed at adequately defining and protecting the interests of businesses in its varying relationships with staff, suppliers, distributors, service providers among others. The Toolkit eliminates the potential conflict that may arise from improperly defined limits …

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Business Dispute Settlement Service

Business Dispute Settlement Service Business Dispute Settlement Service (BDSS) is an alternative to the traditional justice system otherwise known as litigation. It involves resolving commercial disputes through a variety of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes. An impartial individual from our BDSS team helps parties work towards peacefully resolving their dispute by discussing the issues forming the conflict. He/she bridges …

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Business Index Rating

Business Index Rating This is an initiative of the Consulting arm of Business Law Academy which was developed to assist financial institutions to administer an effective credit rating system for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It is a platform to determine the Corporate Governance profile of SMEs based on a pre-determined scale of measurement which …

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Public-Private Partnerships Advisory

Public-Private Partnerships Advisory Public-Private Partnerships advisory covers the full range of local and international corporate and commercial work, with particular regard to Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Project Finance. Over the last 7 years, we have been involved in some PPP and infrastructure advisory transactions involving MDAs of the Federal Government and also some State Governments in Nigeria.

Nigeria Public-Private Partnership Year Book

Nigeria Public-Private Partnership Year Book Public-Private Partnership Year Book is a yearly publication of the publication department of Business Law Academy. The PPP Yearbook publication is a compilation of all the PPP and Project Finance transactions that were initiated by both the private and public sectors in Nigeria over the course of a business year. The …

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The Business Law Clinic

The Business Law Clinic The Business Clinic is a specialized consultation service offered to micro, small and medium scale owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start; sustain; and grow businesses successfully within the regulatory framework of the Nigerian economy. Some of the advisory services offered in the Clinic includes, Guide to Registering/incorporating a business …

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Business Leaders’ Retreat

Business Leaders’ Retreat The Business Leaders’ Retreat was designed by Business Law Academy to bring together business leaders and owners from various countries in West Africa to share business ideas, solutions and strategies in a relaxed atmosphere. The BLR will simply create a forum for general discussion, face-to-face interaction, strengthening of business relationships as well as …

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SME Courses

SME Courses SME courses have been tailored to suit entrepreneurs and business owners on how to grow and successfully manage a business. The SME courses are multi-disciplinarian series of courses that are impactful and are pragmatic with an overall view of ensuring that capacity is built for the SMEs.

Law Firm Summit

Law Firm Summit The Law Firm Summit brings together law firms from across the country to discuss cogent issues relevant to the legal profession. At the end of the Summit, participants are able to take away important lessons, not only beneficial to individual law firms and employees but also the Nation as a whole.

Nigeria Public Private Partnership Conference

Nigeria Public Private Partnership Conference The flagship event for the Academy is the Nigeria Public Private Partnership Conference (NPPPC) which is an annual high-profile international PPP conference intended to bring together key domestic and foreign stakeholders involved in Public Private Partnerships to fashion out ways to accelerate private investment in infrastructure as an alternative to …

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